meet the Gang


About Us

Since the 1920’s, the property at 2611 Corrine Drive has been the home of a beautiful, unique and tranquil place to transform your garden and lawn.  Palmer’s Garden & Goods has made the commitment to being a part of the community by promoting a lifestyle of health and happiness.  We believe that by surrounding yourself with plants you can fuel your heart and soul.

Our Family

The Palmer’s Garden & Goods family has been the heart and soul of the business.  With Jeff Palmer’s father serving the Orlando community with farm and gardening goods since 1947, the next generation continues to extend those beliefs and values.   For over a decade, Jeff and Allison have grown the garden center as well as their family.  With their three wonderful children and friendly, knowledgeable staff, they are blessed to welcome you to share the beauty of their garden and love for plants.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of our customers, employees, and the surrounding community by promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle while integrating plants into our environment with respect for mother nature.


the Team

Jeff Palmer


  • Cert hort since 2006
  • From Orlando
  • Loves Geraniums for their longevity, abundant flowers, and forgiving nature

Allison Palmer


  • Cert hort 5+ years
  • From Brookesville
  • Loves zinnias because they are so colorful and pretty, bright and happy

Joe Culp

Garden Center Manager

  • from Orlando
  • started at Palmer’s in 2011
  • loves long walks on the beach and puppy dogs

Linda Matheny

Garden Center Manager


*  She’s super sweet

*  loves Coca Cola

* Loves to cut coleus and take home in her pocket

Deidra Lynch

Sales Associate

  • Owned an organic farm for 9 years
  • Loves Concerts and Art Shows, Gardening & Cooking
  • Favorite Flower: Tulips


Sales Associate